Crypto News, Nov. 30: Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter...for BTC?

Crypto News, Nov. 30: Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter...for BTC?

Created 1mo ago, last updated 1mo ago

Dorsey moves on from Twitter, Huobi moves headquarters to Singapore, and Thailand invites in crypto tourists.

Crypto News, Nov. 30: Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter...for BTC?

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Dorsey Out, Bitcoin In?

The news that Jack Dorsey is leaving Twitter hit the markets this morning — and nobody really knows what to do. Twitter’s stock went up, then down, and Bitcoin did the same.

In the crypto space, Dorsey has been a big figure for a while — it’s due to Dorsey that Bitcoin tips appeared on Twitter, and his personal Bitcoin stan-dom is broadcast to the world with his “#bitcoin” bio.

Now that he’s leaving Twitter, the question on many people’s lips is — where next, if not to crypto?

There is a lot of focus on something that Dorsey said at Bitcoin 2020 earlier this year — “If I were not at Square or Twitter, I’d be working on Bitcoin.”

That’s pretty clear, right? Good, that’s settled. We can now all look forward to some decentralized Jack Dorsey NFTs in the metaverse coming up.

Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter

As we wrote above, Jack Dorsey has resigned as Twitter's CEO — fueling speculation he will devote his attention to Bitcoin. As you'd expect, Dorsey shared news of his departure with a tweet — a screenshot of the email sent to Twitter staff. In the message, he revealed that chief technology officer Parag Agrawal will now be taking over as CEO. Read more here.

Huobi Chooses Singapore for New Headquarters

Huobi Global has picked Singapore as the location for its regional headquarters — a move that comes after China increased their crackdown on crypto companies. According to Huobi, the Singapore headquarters will manage the operations in the Southeast Asia region, but will not be serving any Singaporean customers. More on the headquarters here.

Thailand Turns to Crypto to Bring Back Tourism

The pandemic slowed down tourism in Thailand — and the country’s tourism authority is looking to crypto to bring it back. Tourism board governor Yuthasak Supasorn is calling all “crypto tourists” to bring their wealth to spend within the country, as he works with regulators to make crypto more widely accepted. Learn more here.