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CoinMarketCap Daily, June 11: David Guetta Selling Penthouse for Crypto, While BTC Continues to Drop

Published on:
June 11, 2021

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CoinMarketCap Daily, June 11: David Guetta Selling Penthouse for Crypto, While BTC Continues to Drop

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Today’s Top Crypto News Stories

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Did Bitcoin Conference Spread COVID? 🦠

Bitcoin 2021 is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. Reports suggest the conference, attended by tens of thousands of people, may have caused a spike in coronavirus cases. Those who went to the event were not required to prove they had been vaccinated — and they didn’t have to wear a face covering either. Here’s what the organizers have had to say.

David Guetta Selling Penthouse for Bitcoin 💰

One of the world’s best-known DJs is selling his breath-taking Florida penthouse… and will accept Bitcoin or Ether as payment. David Guetta’s idyllic beachfront flat has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and boasts 2,528 square feet of space. It’ll set you back 374 BTC at current prices… or 5,650 ETH. Why buying property with crypto has downsides.

Bitcoin as Legal Tender Has Risks, IMF Warns 🚨

The International Monetary Fund has warned there are risks and regulatory issues surrounding El Salvador’s plans to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Meanwhile, a top executive at the bank for International Settlements says the country’s move is an “interesting experiment,” but BTC hasn’t passed the test of being a dependable means of payment. Here’s the latest.

What BTC’s Latest Price Drop Means 😶

At times this week, Bitcoin has been trading well below its long-term moving average. This could suggest that the market is now exceedingly bearish, and that we could see a reversal higher. Bloomberg Intelligence says BTC has been trading “at the steepest discount to its 20-week moving average since the March 2020 bottom around $4,000.” Read more here.

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