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Bitcoin Offers Accepted for the U.K.'s Most Expensive Apartment

Published on:
April 15, 2021

It's got a wine room, a champagne room, a prestigious postcode, and breath-taking views of London's Hyde Park.

Bitcoin Offers Accepted for the U.K.'s Most Expensive Apartment

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It’s got five bedrooms, a cocktail bar, dramatic wraparound terraces, and breath-taking views of London’s Hyde Park. There are also separate rooms for wine and champagne — after all, the two should never be stored in the same place.


The millionaire property entrepreneur Nick Candy is selling his prestigious penthouse in the swanky Knightsbridge district for a cool $241 million… and according to Bloomberg, he’s open to accepting offers in Bitcoin and Ether too.


Candy’s listing comes as demand for London property explodes, with a number of buyers from the U.S., Hong Kong and China all expressing an interest in snapping up a house in the prestigious postcode.


There may very well be a number of early Bitcoin adopters who will take a look at the U.K.'s most expensive apartment with great interest — that is, assuming that they wouldn’t rather hold on to their crypto instead.


Alas, one of them won’t be Laszlo Hanyecz, who spent 10,000 BTC on two pizzas all the way back in 2010. If he had held on to this crypto haul, he would have been able to purchase this plush penthouse outright… and still have 6,200 BTC to spare.


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