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A-List Actor Announces That He's Launching His Own Cryptocurrency

Published on:
March 12, 2021

Terry Crews says $POWER has a mission of 'protecting, promoting and most importantly rewarding creative minds.'

A-List Actor Announces That He's Launching His Own Cryptocurrency

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews has announced that he is launching his very own cryptocurrency.


Known as $POWER, the digital asset has been described as a “social currency aiming to return the literal power back to the creators” — artists, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, chefs and creatives among them.


The project’s official website says professionals across all of these groups have been taken advantage of by record labels, art galleries, agents, studios, and others.


Initially, the $POWER project is going to focus on blockchain art, NFTs, and physical goods and experiences — giving creators a chance to earn crypto in exchange for their hard work. Artists also have the opportunity to join an exclusive community on Discord where they can “develop and cultivate their ideas.”


A ‘No Nonsense’ Cryptocurrency 

Setting out the benefits to acquiring $POWER, the website added that circulation will never exceed 10 million coins, meaning that the cryptocurrency should become scarce over time. The FAQ section added:

“POWER is an opportunity to build a like-minded community of talented artists, connoisseurs, fans and everything in between. It's also a means of exchanging information, critiques, praise and general knowledge on how they’d like to see their work represented in the new digital world known as Web 3.0.”

And in an attempt to set $POWER apart from other cryptocurrencies, this altcoin has been described as the first digital asset with a mission of “protecting, promoting and most importantly rewarding creative minds” — with “no catch, no ulterior motives, no nonsense.”


Crews is launching $POWER with the help of Roll, a social currency startup. Speaking to TechCrunch, the actor said:

“What I love about this new world of finance is that cryptocurrency does not know what race you are, how old you are.”

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