9 Crypto Firms That Are Looking for the Best Hires Now: March 2021 Edition

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Check out the most recent openings in the crypto and blockchain job market.

9 Crypto Firms That Are Looking for the Best Hires Now: March 2021 Edition

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As Covid vaccinations get distributed all over the world, many are optimistic that rebuilding the global economy could start this year. But these blockchain firms have been working and building to fuel the rise of the new global economy. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Web3! 

The blockchain never sleeps and these firms are raring to find the hungriest, the most agile and the most intrepid hires they can. Competition in the space is getting tighter and tighter as various blockchains seek to find the best solution to replace the world’s aging financial paradigm. NFTs, DeFi and enterprise-level apps and DApps need to be made to usher in this new era in the world. So without further ado, here are the nine hottest blockchain firms and their respective employment requirements for the month of March 2021. 

Core Substrate Developer at Polkadex | Remote

Polkadex is turning stones over to find the most gifted substrate developers around. Unlike other attempts that have not gained steam, Polkadex introduces two major innovations that they believe are in need of a major upgrade. The first one is what they call Polkadex Pool, or “PolkaPool” in short. The team is engaged in a no-holds-barred attempt to improve on the vanilla Uniswap bonding curve with feeless swaps interactive market-making and minimum possible impermanent loss. They hope through this, they can make a big dent in the automated market making pool market. A further change they’re working on improving is the implementation of decentralized KYC. 

Poldadex’s need for a core substrate developer is at a critical juncture as they are hoping to launch the mainnet for their project in the first quarter of 2021. 

Product Marketing Manager at | Remote 

How does an anonymous Defi aggregator platform sound to you? wonderfully combines lending, staking liquidity, DeFi privacy mixers, swaps, insurance and more. More impressively, they are able to aggregate these into a truly decentralized fashion. Anonymity is a core feature and, some would say, a requirement of DeFi. 

The team is looking for a product marketing manager who considers herself a seasoned hand in the field. On that note, four years of marketing experience in a similar capacity is warranted. Core experiences that are desired include knowledge in the fields of multi-channel marketing strategy, product marketing, community growth, and user acquisition.  The product marketing manager has to be creative and analytical, results-driven, resourceful and lead by example. Moreover, the candidate is also expected to be razor-sharp in content strategy, product content, consumer adoption, PR + Media, partnerships, events, digital reach expansion, SEO, Adwords and paid social. 

React.js/Solidity Engineer at Trustswap | Remote

TrustSwap is a full-service digital asset blockchain service that offers staking, SmartLock, SmartSwap, escrow, NFT marketplace and Launchpad access. Upon visiting their site, Metamask automatically opens, showing you access to its many offerings. 

The team needs a dedicated engineer who can masterfully weave his or her coding chops to develop and maintain the core services of their product. So, naturally, this involves a thorough understanding of how blockchains work. Trustswap’s core services include vesting, locking and swapping tokens. As a coder, you need to be organized with a penchant for writing code that’s clean and effective. Apart from React.js (hooks/redux), you must also have a firm grasp of Solidity and git management versions. A full-familiarity with front-end tools such as Babel, WebPack, npm and others is also very much desired. 

Attitude is everything. English as a primary mode of communication is also desired.

Full Stack Engineer at The Social Network | Remote

This is your opportunity to rethink and recreate what a social network should be. The power and reach of well-known social networks have become all too congregated, influential and centralized. The Social Network aims to fix this by coming up with a solution that takes its inspiration from decentralized governance and DeFi initiatives. 

This means bringing to life governance and finance modules using Rust to seamlessly integrate this with The Social Network. Your job would be to make sure that these modules fit perfectly with the web, desktop and mobile platforms of the network. A gainful ability to implement smart contracts and DApps to make an overall pleasant and meaningful user-experience is also required. 

Developer Relations Engineer at PureStake | Remote

Like minds think alike. That’s why PureStake is looking for a developer relations engineer who will catalyze its developer community into inspiration. Purestake focuses on building Moonbeam, its parachain built on Substrate that also serves as a springboard for many blockchain developers. As the developer relations engineer, you would be working with a team that’s dedicated to bringing out the best within the developer community. You understand how everything works and therefore are able to generate content, organize developer conferences and events and produce technical documentation. 

A good grip on blockchain technology, Polkadot, several Ethereum projects, DeFi and more is needed. The ideal candidate should also be adept at producing material that could be used by the community in various media. This may include tutorials, blogs, how-tos, videos and more. 

Senior Solidity Engineer at Aegis Studio | United States

This US-only position gives a breather for those of you who are longing for some face-to-face interaction. After a year of working remotely, perhaps some of you are longing to see other people personally. The great thing about this position is that you get to have a feel for the business and physical world side of things. As a Solidity-developer, your coding chops should be up-to-par. This means that your code is fast and clean. You should be abreast of new developments in the Ethereum space, particularly in layer-2 technologies. 

A keen understanding of tokenomics for various DApps and protocols is also a must. This should translate to a healthy familiarity with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Successful deployment of NFT, DeFi and Oracle-based smart contracts should also be in the candidate’s repertoire. Needless to say, this position not only provides you with the opportunity to sharpen your skills, but more importantly, to network face-to-face with the brightest minds in the industry.

Social Media Manager at Innovion | Remote

Do you have a penchant for guerilla marketing? The name of the company itself demands an innovative approach that’s omnipresent across all channels. With over 200 blockchain projects under their tutelage, Innovion distinguishes itself with out-of-the box approaches to crypto adoption. The keyword is: “amazing”. Engagement is always a 24/7 duty so the ideal candidate should be able to create a balance of their own while maximizing participation. If you’re the type of person who energizes a room and are able to translate this across many platforms, then this job is definitely for you. You radiate energy that comes out as Medium posts, Telegram and Twitter interactions. Most of all, you love what you’re doing and are virtually inexhaustible. Galvanize people through inspiration at Innovion!

Solidity Developer at dHEDGE DAO | Remote

DHedge DAO aims to help cryptocurrency traders and investors manage their assets in an environment that’s non-custodial and decentralized. 

This position is ideal for mid-level Solidity developers who are keen on developing their engineering skills. Moreover, the position is remote and the pay could be in crypto, making this an ideal training ground for up and coming Solidity developers. A hefty Node.js and Javascript background is also preferred.

Communications Lead at Vite Labs

Vite Labs is dedicated to bringing decentralized technologies to an ardent community. One of their mainstay offerings is a decentralized exchange. Their ultimate goal is to link the myriad of blockchains together to form a cross-chain solution that will make DLT asset transfers flow like silk. 

As the communications lead, the ideal candidate becomes the brand ambassador. Effectively, this makes you the face and the voice of the company throughout various channels. A strong social media presence and the persistence to build a community are sought for traits. Telegram community management and YouTube AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions will drive engagement to the community as well as grow the user base. Fluency in English and Mandarin is needed. The ability to write in both is also expected.

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