Edward Moncada

Edward Moncada

Co-founder and CEO of Blockfolio; Global Marketing at FTX

Хто такий Edward Moncada?

Edward Moncada is co-founder and CEO of Blockfolio, one of the top mobile crypto portfolio tracker. After FTX's acquisition of Blockfolio, he has also started to look after global marketing of FTX. He is passionate about bringing cryptocurrency adoption to the mainstream, DAOs and decentralized governance, and future of cryptographic networks. In addition, Moncada previously served as a founding board member of the Dash Foundation (2014 - 2018) where he helped conceptualize Dash's decentralized governance and treasury, as well as drive the first protocol M&A in the crypto ecosystem. In 2020, Blockfolio was acquired by FTX for $150 million in Aug. Blockfolio also joined a partnership with TokenTax to provide automated tax filing services.


On FTX acquiring his company for $150 million: “It's still pretty surreal to me. It's pretty exciting. FTX is acquiring Blockfolio for 150 million. It's been a little time in the making, you know, something that started a few months ago. But we're finally getting to the finish line on it,” (from The Decrypt Daily podcast)

Picture source: LinkedIn Profile