Хто такий Brendan Eich?

Brendan Eich is a technologist and creator of the Java Script programming language, the most widely used web programming language. He also co-founded the Mozilla & Firefox. In 2015, Brendan Eich co-founded Brave Software, an Internet browser platform company. At Brave Software, Eich co-created The Basic Attention Token (BAT) which is designed for use in the Brave browser. In March 2020, the daily users of Brave’s blockchain web browser passed 4 million. Brave and Binance brought cryptocurrency trading directly into the browser. BAT becomes one of the most used tokens in DeFi world.


“We see ad blockers as necessary defensive tools for users but they are not sufficient. Our users tell us they want better ways to support the websites they visit and like.”

Picture source: David Maung / Bloomberg via Getty