Ryan Sean Adams

Ryan Sean Adams

Founder of Mythos Capital, Host of Bankless

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Ryan Sean Adams is the Founder of Mythos Capital, a crypto fund. He also writes the popular DeFi newsletter, Bankless. In addition to providing excellent insights about the ecosystem, Bankless takes a very practical approach to leveraging DeFi. He shares strategies and encourages readers to complete action items to utilize the full potential of decentralized finance and become bankless. He also hosts the Bankless podcast with David Hoffman. Before this, he was a healthcare tech consultant with both startup and big company experience - he led two companies as CEO, sold a healthcare technology startup, launched software products used by one third of U.S. hospitals.

Quotes (from his Twitter):

"I am both a Bitcoiner and Etherean. These cryptos will be the two best investments of the decade."
"We should talk about ETH price far more than we do! ETH is the single most underrated part of Ethereum, maybe the most underrated asset in all of crypto."
"The Ethereum killers are toothless. Distribution is everything."

Picture source: Twitter Profile