Become a CoinMarketCap Hero

Become a CoinMarketCap Hero

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Join the CoinMarketCap Hero program and help us build the crypto community.

Become a CoinMarketCap Hero

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CoinMarketCap Heroes are a group of passionate volunteers who support our community. They are users who love crypto and are excited towards building decentralized communities.  CoinMarketCap Heroes primarily help the CoinMarketCap platform grow by answering user questions and addressing urgent issues.

At CoinMarketCap, we thrive to make the world’s most accurate price-tracking website for the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Which is why we need your heroic help, to help bridge the gap between our team and local communities around the world.

We invite you to join the “CoinMarketCap Hero Program,” a global initiative which will bring passionate crypto-minded individuals together in order to expand the cypher paradigm. Anyone who can speak English is eligible to join the Hero program. Being able to speak an additional language is a plus.

As a Hero, you’ll be able to meet the CoinMarketCap team, attend local meetups, gain access to exclusive online webinars and provide feedback for pre-launch products. Become the voice of the CoinMarketCap community!

CoinMarketCap Hero Application Form

If you are interested in becoming a CoinMarketCap Superhero, please fill in this short form — it will only take five minutes!
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